Monday, November 7, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of laying-up Mist's keel.  Today I finally put the first layer of epoxy on the keel.

I have several hours of handwork into this foil and it turned out beautifully.  I'm far from finished.  The foil still need trailing edge reinforcement, bulb and top plate fasteners, and carbon fiber wrap.  The keel is my major obstacle to assembling and installing the keel trunk between frames 110 and 124.

Checkout this years jack-o-lantern (the one on the right) displayed a week ago.  I'm still doing the sailboat theme. 

Trick or treating is pretty slow in our neighborhood so I kept sanding until the goblins came around.  Notice the light from the overhead?  I wonder what caused that.  Spooky!

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