Friday, November 18, 2011

Mist's mast arrived!

Check out the rig I used to get the 30 foot M20 mast home from the shipping terminal.

I'll tell you, it was and exciting family affair.  Between having difficulty finding the place, wondering how we were to strap this thing on the roof of the mini van, and patiently wating for the folks at the terminal to clean-up an unrelated haz-mat spill my daughters couldn't contain themselves.  The older one, and the book worm of the family, blurted out "This is Mast Confusion".  We all lost it.

The new mast and boom made it home safely.

I have goofy daughters!

The keel is coming along too!  I'm so tired of this part of the project, an enormous amount of hand sanding.  Maybe I'll finish it this weekend and move on to the keel box.

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  1. Hi, I have been reading your posts with interest. I note from the forums that you found a non-compliant M20 mast. I also have a lead on one of these and i was wondering how it all worked out for you? Did it fit within the rules? What mods you may have made? Anything really to help me make an informed decision. They will only supply the tube and i have to do all the other work..

    Any advice very welcome!

    Cheers, Will.

    Ps. Am also blogging