Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keel Box Installed

The keel sleeve is fabricated and reinforced with cedar strips.  The keel was the template for fabricating the keel sleeve (three layers of 6 oz carbon cloth).  After much contemplation I simply wrapped the keel with several layers of plastic sheet and began the keel sleeve lay-up.  I ended up with approximately 3/32" gap all the way around between the keel and the keel sleeve.

The keel box is installed. I measured several times from many prospectives to achieve the position I felt most comfortable with.  First, I verified the boat was level (from bow to stern and port and starboard chines).  Next, I suspended a string down the centerline of the boat (top photo) at a height above all of the frames. I verified the string was in the center at many points along the length of the boat by measuring from the string to the interior chine on both sides of the boat.  I've discovered the boat to be very straight and symmetrical.  Additionally, the suspended string was centered.  Then I hang to small weights (second photo) from the fore and aft string, 1/2" from the leading and trailing edges of the keel box location and used the keel template to mark were there keel slot belongs.  Once the slot was cut through the hull bottom I clamped the keel box in place, verified it was straight in all directions, and started gluing.  Next step is to glass and finish bunk supports.