Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bottoms Painted / Last Coat of Primer

I'm hoping the end is near for all of the sanding I've been doing. The bottom is painted with six coats of VC Performance Epoxy by Interlux. I bought a gallon kit but a quart kit would have been plenty. This stuff goes on very thin. I recommend roller only for the the first three coats and then roll and tip the final three. This knocks down and fills the orange peel that accumulated during application of the first three coats. Now, I wet sand (without going through the paint) to 800-1000 grit. The result is very smooth. I'm hoping to have top coat on sides of boat finished by New Years.

Monday, February 3, 2014

More Recent Progress on Mist

Eye Spy! This photo shows progress on the rudder blank, companion-way, keel trunk, hatch panel, and fairing the deck.

The rudder will be of the cassette variety. The lower third is tapered. Overall length is 60". I will be laying up the cloth and vacuum bagging it soon. Then I'll be fabricating the cassette.

You may have notice that my two young daughters haven't been in the blog's photos recently. They don't like the dust and have been involved in their own activities. At least they have been leaving notes here and there for me to find.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mist's Bottom and Sides are Fair

I've been spending a lot of time sanding and I am really happy with how smooth the bottom and sides of the hull have turnout. 


I rolled and tipped three coats of epoxy with graphite power additive.  I really like the black too!  I figured the color will give me a good indication of how smooth/straight the hull is and hide the pencil markings on the final layer of fairing compound. A majority of this epoxy will be sanded off at a later date when I final prep for primer and paint.  Now it's time to layout deck hardware and fair the top surfaces.  This should go faster than the time it took me to fair the bottom. I can hope!