Monday, December 31, 2012

Mist's Deck is Glassed

We're trimming the glass (9 oz S-glass) to fit.

Glass and peel-ply cut to shape.

Spreading the glue. Working the glue into the cloth/underneath foam and removing any air-bubbles. I practiced this many times on samples to assure full penetration of glue.  The entire deck, cabin top, and cockpit floor required a gallon and half of resin. Some of the glue will be removed when I remove the peel-ply.  The boat currently weighs 315 pound.

This next step is to build a jig to support the boat while it is upside-down.  I'm leaving the peel-ply on the deck until I'm finished fairing and priming the hull sides and bottom.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hull Weight & Cabin Top

Mist weighs between 285 and 290 pounds without the cabin top installed.  I suppose I'm on track for coming in under class weight, time will tell!

My Daughter and I are installing the cabin top. White cedar strips 
on the top and foam for the sides.

Cabin top is installed. After a few evenings of filleting and fairing I should be 
putting fiberglass on the entire deck. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Measure Twice Cut Once

Finally installing the foredeck!

Deck is clamped with screws and batten.

The more goop the better?

A perfectly placed extra hole!  Oops!

Monday, September 3, 2012


Recently my younger brother Ted and his two sons Crew (4) and Rayce (2) came to visit.  We rarely get together because of the great distance between us.  It was a very enjoyable visit and the nephews provided an inspection of Mist.

Rayce is approaching with skepticism.

The Inspection is at 'full speed'! now.

They didn't miss a spot.

Mist passes Crew's expectations.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slow Going But Plugging Along

I've been working on Mist a little at a time. The interior bow is finished off.  I've decided against the roller furler and have installed a simple chainplate.

The side shroud chanplates are installed.  The chaiplates are made of three G-10 tubes mounted vertically in a 3/4" thick piece of sitka spruce, sandwiched between 1/4" thick okoume plywood, with a uni carbon fiber wrap.   I've decided to mount them flush against bulkhead 110 to increase the glue bonding areas.

A loop of 5mm Dynek Dux passes through the center of the G-10 tube and a stop-knot on the lower end of the tube will securely hold the side shroud.  The G-10 tubes are sticking up above the chainplate to accommodate for the thickness of the deck.  They'll be finished flush with the deck at a later time.  I hope finish coating the interior and have the foredeck installed soon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Progress Update

It has been awhile since I updated this blog.  I have kept involved in the construction of Mist when time allows.  Work and family have gained much of my attention and that has been rewarding.  I had the fortunate experience of traveling to Portland, OR for work in April.  I met up with Eric and the PDX folks on a few occasions and was able to sail on boat PDX #1.  Eric and the North Sails Rep. Kerry explained many of the ins-n-outs of sailing an assym spin.

Off we go in my first ride on an i550.  Thanks Eric and Kerry!

In late June I was able to pick-up with building Mist.  I've completed deck installation from bulkhead 110 aft.

Foam deck with cedar strips on rolled edges.

I'm currently working on the the sprit installation and finishing all tasks for the foredeck install.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tornado Through Home Port

I was able to survey the Hampton Yacht Club this am.  It truly is amazing that no one was injured.  The first evening of post race parties of the Southern Bay Race was happening at 8:15 when event staff and yacht club management directed everybody in the surrounding area to get into the hallway of the yacht club.  Event staff hurriedly carried one disabled volunteer to safety and moments later the storm's path crossed right through the small boat storage area.  The many small boats of the junior sailing program were thrown in a direct path to where everyone was just partying.  Great thinking by the event staff and HYC management!

Three of the four building of the club have severe damage.  The lower floor of the main building lost a majority of the front pane windows.  The lounge area is completely open to the weather.  The administration building lost two-thirds of its roof.  The adjacent rental property suffered roof damage and is missing its front doors.

All keel boats that were in dry storage where knocked over off of their trailers.  The only damage I noticed to boats in the water was from unfurled jib sails.  My boat was spared from damage.

 Damage to the front of the club's lounge.

The tumblers and burgees are still in-place.

 Where the small boats belong.

Where the Southern Bay Race Week party was happening.

The small boats passed through the party tent area. What remains of 
this Opti's stern is entangled in the club's railing.

 All trailer large boats were displaced from their trailers.

 Minimal damage to the floating boats.

'7' and '8' were meant to be together!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mist is to Have a Foam Core Deck

The kids really are working under there, not resting. They're marking the frames and stringers so we know where to place glue and clamping screws.


I've performed a few tests to determine deck stiffness, toughness, and weight of various deck combinations.  I chose to compare 1/4" Okoume w/ one side laminated 10oz cloth, 3/8" Corecell a500 w/ topside 10oz underside 6oz, and 1/2" Corecell a500 w/ topside 10oz underside 6oz.  The 3/8" thick sandwich weighed half that of the 1/4" Okoume and was approx the same stiffness.  The 1/2" thick sandwich weighed 25% less then the 1/4" Okoume and was twice the stiffness.   As far as toughness is concerned, I dropped a 3 1/2# round weight for 3 foot high onto the samples.  The weight went right through the Okoume and bounced off the 1/2" foam core.  It took several drops of the weight to show a significant damage to the foam.   Cost and labor is significantly higher for the foam lay-up and installation and the areas where hardware mounts will need reinforcement.  I plan to use the 1/2" foam combination on the deck and the remaining sheet of 3/8" foam on the cabin top.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Keel Box Finished

Keel box is completed and the last portion of the bunk is installed.

I suppose the photo below is the last one to show the shiny interior.  Next project is the cockpit floor.

My daughters are getting a kick out of removing the peel-ply from the cockpit floor material (1/2" foam, 6 oz cloth on the underside and 10 oz cloth on the top side).  This panel is quite rigid!