Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slow Going But Plugging Along

I've been working on Mist a little at a time. The interior bow is finished off.  I've decided against the roller furler and have installed a simple chainplate.

The side shroud chanplates are installed.  The chaiplates are made of three G-10 tubes mounted vertically in a 3/4" thick piece of sitka spruce, sandwiched between 1/4" thick okoume plywood, with a uni carbon fiber wrap.   I've decided to mount them flush against bulkhead 110 to increase the glue bonding areas.

A loop of 5mm Dynek Dux passes through the center of the G-10 tube and a stop-knot on the lower end of the tube will securely hold the side shroud.  The G-10 tubes are sticking up above the chainplate to accommodate for the thickness of the deck.  They'll be finished flush with the deck at a later time.  I hope finish coating the interior and have the foredeck installed soon.

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