Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bunks and Fwd Stringers are Installed

Though I haven't posted anything in awhile I have been working on the forward compartment of Mist.  A modified bunk is installed on each side.  I  doubled up the plywood on the underside of each cutout.  The purpose of the cutouts is to provide access to remove any accumulated water with a sponge or handheld pump.  Additionally, air can freely flow in and out to allow the bilge to dry when the boat is not in use.  

I really look forward to putting Mist through the paces and the Chesapeake Bay can really kick up some waves / wind so I feel hull stringers in the forward compartment are a must.

Meredith has been a great help!!! and her epoxying/filleting skills are very good.

So far for this project I've been cutting my own bi-axial tape.  The two photos above show my method.  First, I unrolled the fiberglass cloth at a 45 degree angle and align it with the edge of the fiberboard.  The fiberboard is the same stuff one uses for a pegboard only without the holes.  Second, I align a straight edge, cut from the same fiberboard, at the appropriate width of tape I desire.  Lastly,  I cut along the straight edge with an Olfa Rotary Cutter.  The cutter is slick and has yet to fail with providing a clean cut on the first attempt.  Once, the tape is cut I need to be careful to prevent tugging on the tape.  It will lengthen significantly and if it does stretch it's width reduces.  Handle the cut tape as little as possible and delicately.