Friday, January 25, 2013

Hump on the bottom

 Upon looking over the boat bottom I noticed a hump between Frame 89 and 110.  It was noticeably unacceptable when a batten was placed across the top of it.

 The cause of the hump is my failure to pull the center-slot in the bottom panel all the way together way back when I stitched the hull together. Above is a photo of the slot taken from the inside of the boat.

For the fix I cut the joint from Frame 89 to 110 and pulled the bottom down
(the boat is inverted right now) with a few windlass.  See photo below.

 The hump has been pulled down to create a fair line along the bottom.

After the glue cured, the hull is a lot more fair.


Fabrication of the cradle. It's placed right above Frame 89. 
The aft support is right above Frame 169.

 Mist is set aside.

Assembly of the cradle.

All Chiefs and no Indians.

 Three guys on one the stern and me on the bow??
Not the easiest way to carry it.

Turning Mist around and pulling her back into the garage.