Friday, January 25, 2013

Hump on the bottom

 Upon looking over the boat bottom I noticed a hump between Frame 89 and 110.  It was noticeably unacceptable when a batten was placed across the top of it.

 The cause of the hump is my failure to pull the center-slot in the bottom panel all the way together way back when I stitched the hull together. Above is a photo of the slot taken from the inside of the boat.

For the fix I cut the joint from Frame 89 to 110 and pulled the bottom down
(the boat is inverted right now) with a few windlass.  See photo below.

 The hump has been pulled down to create a fair line along the bottom.

After the glue cured, the hull is a lot more fair.


  1. Well thought out solution Tim and nicely executed.

    Charles i550-471 in South Africa had some questions on your M20 rig.


    1. Dawg House, Thanks for the compliment. I did take me awhile to think of the solution. I fear other first time stitch and glue builders my run into the same problem. Had I to do it again, I'd place the wire ties close to 2" apart on the bottom's center slot when stitch it up.

      For Charles, I now I owe him an answer. It's been awhile since I ran the dimensions for exactly how the M20 rig ends up and I lost the paperwork I drew-up before I bought the rig so I've been reluctant to respond. In the end, I think the forestay will intersect the mast approximately an inch lower than the max height the plans allow. I concluded I could live with that so I want ahead and bought the rig. Now having received the rig and compared it to others I'd probably do something different. The cross-section of the rig is a little larger than I expected. Not to too large to cause me to abandon the M20 rig but just a little larger than most ideal.