Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sheer & Bunk Supports Installed

If you're building one of these boats and don't own a Dremel with the flexible drive shaft you need to go get them.  I've been dreading notching out the the frames and sanding the twenty plus limber holes of the bunk supports.  My neighbor showed me the flexible drive and I bought one on-line that night, both tools were less than $100.00.  Since I purchased these cutting the small notches and sanding the tight corners have been so quick and easy.

It so happened we misplaced our camera while we were installing the sheers.  I missed a few great shots as Josie and Meredith mixed and spread the epoxy, installed the sheer, and clamped the assemble together with very little help.  They had a truly great time and it is installed as clean and straight is if I had done it myself.  Of course a few days later we found the camera for the shot above.

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