Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Stringers and a Compression Post

All hull stringers are installed except the two just in front of the rudder, which will also support the aft cockpit floor. 

The compression post is installed and the bow sprit is hanging there temporarily.

The post was great fun to make. I cut eighteen strips of Douglas fir 3/8" thick with a ten degree angle on each side.  I laid each stick on top of masking tape, sticky side-up.  With all eighteen sticks stuck to the tape I applied ample epoxy to the sicks, rolled the sticks into a tube.  Lastly I wrapped the sticks in ten layers of clear plastic packaging wrap.  All joints between the stick are tight and the post is beautiful. The photo below is a remnant of the post and shows its cross-section.

I've decided to turn my attention to the back of the boat and hopefully get the cockpit assembled soon.  Cooler weather is in the future and the stern is right next to the garage door.

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  1. I love that wood working, the pole looks like a piece of art. I really understand why you seem so stocked about it. Nice job !